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IVAN SIMBERG-RAF AC1 wrote on July 24, 2015 at 8:45 pm:
Unfortunately I can not remember names of my ex buddies . We were all drivers attached to DMT Section . During that time I was assigned to drive 1- The C.O 2. Ambulances 3.Fire Engines on the airfield . 4, My best was driving a Jeep with the Canine section having Alsations breathing down my neck and picking up drunks in the Village Lastly towing Lancaster bombers out of Hangers with a Davie Brown tractor My Buddies were a great bunch and sorry I never kept in touch but at 20 you do not think about that , My best buddy I remember only as Lofty .Wonder where these guys are now including 2 Dispatch riders from Manchester . Many fond memories .I am now in Canada

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