I do not know the exact date these pictures were taken, but stylistically they are latter half of the 1960’s. They show what I presume to be one of the many clubs on the station that were run by RAF personnel but which also welcome youngsters from Watton.

These pictures show what is a very sophisticated layout of slot car track – originally tagged as Scalextric but see comments below –  which I am told was housed on the upper floor of the Airman’s Mess across the road from the main gates. This is the building that is now Reads of Watton Home Furnishing Superstore.

If you can correct or add further to the information here please leave comments below.

2 thoughts on “Slot Car Racing Club”

  1. That’s a big track, even for the late 60s when they tended to be bigger, but I don’t think it is Scalextric – looks like routed hardboard and copper tapes to me. I started racing in the area at about that time but didn’t know about this club.

    1. Very happy to accept what you say John – on very close inspection of the build bench I think you are right!
      Thanks for your input.

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