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WZ966 on the ground at RAF Watton
WZ966 on the ground at RAF Watton

“Washington” was the RAF designation for the famous Boeing B29, one example of which, the Enola Gay, dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. No B-29s were built for the RAF. All that were received (87 in total) were built for USAAF use many had seen active service before being transferred to the RAF in the early 1950s.

Chris Howlett is researching the history of the Washington Aircraft in general. He produced a series of informative and extremely interesting newsletters on the subject. You access PDF copies of it using the links below.

Dave Forster has written an account of 192 Squadron Washington’s – If you are ex-RWE/CSE/192 “Over the years I’ve managed to amass a fair bit of info on the technical and operational aspects of the squadron during the 1950s and beyond (it’s surprising how much is in the public domain) – but I’d really like to get some personal recollections to tie everything together. I’m not looking for any earth-shattering revelations regarding overflights or anything like that – just some idea of what it was like to serve on the squadron during that period.”

If you are ex-RWE/CSE/192 can you add anything?

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  1. Hi there. I’m Nik Coleman the Director of the Plane Resurrection TV series. We are making a new episode for a sister series on the B29 and we’d like to move it on by including the Washington. If anyone has film of RAF Washingtons that would be great, pictures too that we could use and we’d love to film interviews with anyone who worked on them. I used to work in Watton right next to the base.
    07778 963240

  2. I was with the newly formed Squadron at R.A.F Marham in 1949. I thought that we were called 110 Squadron? (Conversion). And we never knew that our B29’s were in truth…Washington’s?. I only discovered this when some thirty years later, I read about it while waiting in a dentist’s.

  3. Just found this site, My father Mick Brotherwood was air crew at Watton between Sept 1955 and April 1962 in CSE then 192 sqn renamed 51 sqn, he flew in the Washingtons WJ996,997 & 998 + others

  4. Have just come across this site, is the WT still in operation?
    I was with 192 sqd from 1954 to Sept 1958 and worked in A flight as engine mechanic.
    I am in the last photo in issue 20.

    1. Hi Roger – I emailed with Chris a few months ago. Although I think the WT has come to an end he did say “I am always happy to help former Washington People in any way that I can.”
      The contact details in the last issue are still current.
      I hope that helps, Julian

    2. Hello Roger,
      You may remember a Geordie Inst. Mech. joined the Sqdn. same time as you I went on to the Comets when the Sqdn. was disbanded and was demobbed Jan. 1959.
      A very long time ago.

      1. Hi Brian
        Of cause I remember you, we corresponded for a little while some time ago. I think I lost your contact when my computer crashed.
        Good times we had, I think they outnumbered the bad!!
        Hope you are well. I’m reasonably well, at almost 82 the cogs don’t are not as free.

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