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Photo Key Ranks given are as at September 3rd 1939
1F/Lt. R.D.C. Gibson - A Flight
2 F/O L.V.E. Petley - A Flight
3 F/O S.F. Coutts-Wood - A Flight
4 P/O S.L. Sigurdson - A Flight
5 P/O J.C.G. Sarll Squadron Adjutant
6 S/Ldr L.T. Keens Squadron Commander
7 F/O P Meston - B Flight
8 P/O A.D. Watson - A Flight
9 P/O I. Stapledon - B Flight
10 Not Identified
11 Not Identified
12 Sgt. G.H. Tice
13 Not Identified
14 Not Identified
15 Not Identified
16 Not Identified
17 Not Identified
18 Not Identified
Flight Lieutenant R.D.C. "Jock" Gibson was with 21 from September '36 to July 1940. He was to be awarded the DFC later in the war and survived the conflict.
Flying Officer L.V. E. Petley was nicknamed "Petters". He joined the Squadron in November 1936 and was posted MIA on 13th June 1940 - later safe and moved to 107 Squadron. Ultimate fate not known
Pilot Officer S.F. Coutts-Wood joined 21 in January 1937. He was posted 13 OTU on 21st June 1940 where he was killed in a flying accident whilst teaching others his skills.
P/O S.L. Sigurdson . "Barney" joined 21 in May 1938 and left in July 1940. Was one of the pilots involved in the ferrying of 12 Blenheims to Finland in 1940. Posted to Canada and survived the war.
P/O J.H.G. Sarll - Peter joined 21 in June 1938 and was posted to 13 OTU during June 1940. Peter flew on and off throughout the war and was awarded a DFC. He was with us for the 2000 re-union.
S/Ldr L.T. Keens. Squadron Commander at the outbreak of war, he joined July 1938 and was posted as Wing Commander in March 1940. Was awarded OBE. Ultimate fate not known.
P/O P. Meston. Peter joined the squadron in July 1937 and was posted as Flight Lieutenant in February 1940. Elsewhere on this site is the story of the discovery of clandestine activity by Peter and another pilot. Peter was with us for the 2000 reunion
P/O A.D. Watson "Doc" Watson joined the squadron in June 1937 he and his crew were killed 12th May 1940. The crash was witnessed by Jack Bartley: "Looking out to port saw great pieces of metal flying by which found on return to be part of machine of Doc Watson, Hymer Webb and Butch Burgess who must have got a direct hit from the Ack-Ack and slapped straight into the deck with their bombs on and exploded on the target area."
P/O I. Stapledon. Ian joined the squadron in August 1938. On the 6th April1940 his aircraft was armed with armour piercing bombs ready for a U-boat search. Ian, Sergeant Bill Wetton and Leading Aircraftman 'Johnnie' Ball were killed when the aircraft crashed on take-off.
Sgt. G.H. Tice. 'Nick' Tice joined the squadron November 1939. At 0500 on 16th February 1940 Nick and his crew of Sergeant J.H.Wadmore and, Australian Aircraftman F.Birch took off on a recce of Borkum. They were not seen again. German radio reported - ‘One Blenheim was shot down into the North Sea'.